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The Step-By-Step Method On Levitation Photography

The Step-by-Step Method on levitation photography

Today’s guest post is from Kimberly Patino. Kimberly is a fine art photographer based in Hartsdale NY. Her website is at www.kpatino.com. Featured image photos by Ted Van Pelt and Nydia Hartono. As a photographer one of the most important things to master is how to make your photos pop! You want to stand out from the millions of other ... Read More »

6 awesome maternity photo ideas

Getting started in maternity photography can be challenging! Not only you need to plan extremely well but you also don’t get much opportunity practice taking this kind of photographs. To make things even harder, as the photographer you will be working under time pressure because the mom-to-be is less mobile and she gets tired easily. Therefore, the location of choice and duration of time taking pictures ... Read More »

How to build a softbox on a monopod

If you are a portrait photographer shooting on location frequently, having a portable softbox (or octabox) is a must for your photoshoot. This way you can have soft quality light that you can bring with you anywhere you go. In fact, I called this a “voice activated softbox” because as long as you have somebody (aka an assistant) holding the ... Read More »

The dark side of photography

The Dark Side of Photography

To a lot of people, it is a dream to work full time in photography. Perhaps you are on the same boat now working hard towards this goal. Every day you dream about how wonderful it is to have your own photography studio, being able to work on your own schedule and becoming the CEO of your company! Wonderful isn’t it? ... Read More »

Just 6 days left to support Adaptalux on Kickstarter

There are just 6 days left to support and get Adaptalux on Kickstarter at a great price. They have already raised over £77,600, that’s over $117,000 at the time of writing. They need your help and support to get to the £100,000 goal, otherwise they will not get funded and Adaptalux will not happen. Adaptalux is a fantastic product for creating ... Read More »

3 ingredients to make your photo stand out from the crowd

3 ingredients to make your photo stand out from the crowd

Perhaps you are like many other photographers who are searching for solutions to a common question: “How do I take photographs that stand out from the crowd?” You may already have an answer, you may be very close to getting one, or you may have no idea where to start. Nevertheless, this post is to answer this question for you. ... Read More »

Why Start Macro Photography?

This is a guest post by Samuel Granger So what is macro photography? Technically speaking, macro photography is creating a subject of at least 1:1 scale on your camera sensor. This means when the photo off the sensor is scaled up on a computer, it shows incredible details. Here is a quick diagram showing the difference between a normal lens and ... Read More »

How to build an online photography portfolio website

photography portfolio website

Are you thinking of building a photography portfolio website but don’t know what to do? Are you struggling with the technical skills or don’t have the computer coding skill in order to build a portfolio website? If any of the above questions are in your mind then you are at the right place! In this post I’m going to walk ... Read More »

How to get the most of depth of field

How to get the most of depth of field

A lot of photographers often get confused with Depth of field (DOF). Especially when starting out in photography, DOF doesn’t seem to fit any terms in the photo vocabulary. Does DOF have anything to do with shutter speed, ISO and aperture? Most importantly, how do you get the most of Depth of field? I definitely do not want you to ... Read More »

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