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How to find the best photography blogs to follow - The Photography Express

How to find the best photography blogs to follow

Photo Credit: Chris Smith/Out of Chicago - Added text by "The Photography Express"

Photo Credit: Chris Smith/Out of Chicago – Added text by “The Photography Express”

There are photography blogs everywhere (including the one you’re reading right now)! So how do you determine the best photography blogs to follow when there are so much information out there? Well, sit back and relax I’m here to show you 3 factors that I use to guide you through this tough decision. To save you more time, I’ve also categorized 6 photography blogs that I personally feel you must follow. So lets get started!

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To begin this process, we must first understand that each blog must have certain giveaways. I don’t mean a gift but the blog should either has some sort of tips we can learn from, a process we can follow, or just something fun to read. So that’s why you need to remember the below 3 factors when you are looking for the best photography blogs to follow:

Entertain – Does it have a story or interesting information.

Educate – Will I be able to learn technical details of the content.

Empower – Are there takeaway items that empower me to take actions.

It’s hard to describe with a few words. So instead of keep writing, below are 6 photography blogs that I follow and I personally feel all of them encompassed the 3 factors I mentioned above. To give you a better idea, I’ve also emphasis their strength in forms of Entertain, Educate or Empower so you can have some examples.  Please keep in mind that these are solely my personal preference and you may have a different perspective towards those blogs.



This blog has one main objective and it is to teach you how to use off camera flash like a pro.  If you want to learn how to light, read this blog and visit the entire website. This is definitely an EDUCATION BLOG.

Stuck in Customs

stuck in customs

This blog is all about HDR (High dynamic range) and travel photography. For those of you who is unfamiliar with HDR, it is a technique of  capturing multiple exposures of an image and merge them together for a special exposure effect. The author of this blog Trey Ratcliff did a great job in educating his audience about HDR. Similar to the above blog, this is an EDUCATION BLOG.

Fro Knows Photo

Fro Knows Photo

If you are a visual person then Jared Polin’s blog is for you. He is a photographer as well as a social media guru. With a huge fan page and community on different social media, Jared is doing really well at sharing photography tips and tutorials in a fun way. You will find lots of great educational materials in this site but it is also a great ENTERTAINMENT BLOG.


everything everywhere

I may get some disagreement with this choice but Gary Arndt’s blog entertains me in a way that I feel I am traveling the world while reading a blog at home. Gary sold his house in 2007 and have been traveling around the world ever since. He has been to all 7 continents and over 140 countries and this alone inspired me dearly. This is a blog that makes you feel why am I sitting at home and not going out. It’s a hard choice but I categorized this blog as an ENTERTAINMENT BLOG.

Improve Photography

improve photography

Jim Harmer’s Improve photography blog as well as his podcast and online classes are possibility the best resources you can find in the photography niche right now. This is one of the few blogs where I feel I can take great pictures with Jim’s tips and easy to follow steps. I highly recommend you checking this website and follow his email list. This is an EMPOWERING BLOG where people can take actions and follow Jim’s footsteps right now.



Photofocus has been around for a while and it is still doing great in the photography blog world. The author Scott Bourne provides excellent tips, tricks, techniques, review and news regarding to photography. It is an EMPOWERING BLOG that takes your inspiration to the next level.

Which photography blogs do you like to read? Are there any interesting blogs you would like to share? Please comment below!

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  1. Great tips! I need to follow these guys!

    • Yes, you’ll be surprised with how much you learn even after a few days of following them. Thanks for visiting my site again!

  2. Great list! I’m glad to see that I follow a few of these and agree they meet the three factors you listed.

    • That’s great I’m glad we’ve common followers! Are there any specific bloggers that you followed that I haven’t shared here?

  3. Great read, thanks for sharing! I am going to start following some of these blogs!

    • Go for it Donna you won’t regret it. I am following many other blogs and these are the best ones to my knowledge so far. Glad that I can help you out!

  4. Great tips & article. I’ll have to follow some of the suggestions here!

  5. Great article. Love finding new blogs to follow and photographers to inspire me.

    • Definitely Patricia we all need some inspiration to keep us going everyday. What those bloggers do really change my way of thinking and I’m looking forward to their new contents everyday.

  6. This is an excellent list. I have been to some of these blogs but others are new to me with so much great information. Thanks for sharing!!

    • You’re welcome Jennifer. Hope this list will help anyone who wants to start following photography blogs without spending the time that I did to get this list. Thank you for visiting my site!

  7. Thanks Gary! What a great resource post. Strobist is one of my favorite blogs for studio lighting. Thanks for sharing this list.

    • You are welcome Lai and I’m so happy that you find this resourceful! Strobist is also one of my most favorite blog to follow about lighting. I am still learning a lot from it.

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