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The ultimate New York City photography guide

Hello photographers! I hope you’re having a great week so far. I recently came back from New York City (NYC) for my post-wedding family trip and I’ve got tons of photography information for you today. In this post, you are about to learn the step-by-step instruction of how to get the ultimate New York City photography. I’ll show you what ... Read More »

How to tell your photography story

You often hear people say one of the best ways to improve your photography skills is to tell your photography story. But what exactly does it mean? When you look at your photos, everything seems to have a story behind it already. Why is that happening? Are you wondering what that word “story” meant by photographers? In this post I’m ... Read More »

How to take great picture of flowers

Over the past few years in my photography journey I’ve numerous of opportunities to take picture of flowers. At first, the pictures I took looked awful because I thought it was supposed to be an easy task. I still remember telling myself how hard would it be to take pictures of something that’s already beautiful. You know…the different colors, shapes, ... Read More »

How to get silky water effect for landscape photography

In this post, I’m going to share with you how to get silky water effect for landscape photography. This technique is relatively simple because your ultimate goal is to use a slow shutter speed. However, there are many other elements you should take into consideration and one of those is the uncertainty of lighting condition. This may require you to make ... Read More »

4 natural light photography techniques you can use everyday

It is often challenging to make the best out of the available light in your photography in less ideal situation. You may be in shooting in the middle of the day when the sun is so bright that your photo just does not look interesting, or even if you are shooting at the “golden hour” the lighting situation changes every ... Read More »

8 secrets of getting razor sharp photos with your DSLR

Razor sharp photos

Have you ever wondered why everyone’s pictures look a lot sharper than yours? How come you are using the same photography gears and even taking pictures at the same location but the quality of your photos just look sub-par compared to your peers? What are the big secrets of getting razor sharp photos with your DSLR? Is there something that ... Read More »

10 tips on taking epic cosplay photos

If you ever wonder how to take epic cosplay photos while you are at a game expo or similar kind of conferences, then you are at the right spot! Back in the days I remember going to different kinds of game expo with one sole purpose: to try out the new video games. But as I began to like photography ... Read More »

The 5 tips on taking great pictures of landscape photography

There are many resources out there that talk about how to take great pictures of landscape photography. You may have read some or even many of those before and you may find those resources very helpful for your photography needs. Nevertheless, I want this opportunity to further build up your experience by providing you my top 5 tips on how to take ... Read More »

How to shoot outdoor portrait photography at night

Portrait photography in an outdoor environment is always challenging. Unexpected things can easily happen and there are just too many variables designed to catch you off guard. I lost count of how many times I struggled with this type of photography and that is why in this post I want to show you how to take better outdoor portrait photography ... Read More »

How to take professional pictures using 5 simple techniques

You took a picture one day and you felt great about it. You believed it’s a piece of art and one of its kind in your lifetime. You went home quickly to upload the picture on Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, and Pinterest to show off to your friends. After it’s done you surfed the web waiting for your friends’ wonderful comments. ... Read More »

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