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Amazing beach picture ideas - The Photography Express

Amazing beach picture ideas

Photo Credit: Gribiche Added text by ThePhotographyExpress

Photo Credit: Gribiche Added text by ThePhotographyExpress

There are never-ending beach pictures ideas online and the last thing you want to do is to spend hours researching at the beach house.  I personally came across the same situation and at the end I never even used a single technique that I researched for! That is why in this post I want to share with you my simple yet amazing beach picture ideas that you can use next time when you head out to the beach. Please enjoy!

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1)   Jump for the shot

If you are taking pictures standing on the beach or just smiling to get a good shot then it is too dull for a beach picture. Sometimes merely facing the camera or being happy is not enough to capture moment. To add more impact, try jumping for the shots. And yes I mean jump as high as you can and even do some kung fu fighting if you wish.

Jump for the shotJump for the shot 2

2) Use a Fisheye lens

Why just use a regular lens when everyone is doing the same thing. Instead use a fisheye lens for another point of view. If you don’t have one I highly recommend you rent one for a week when you are at the beach. I was lucky enough to have a very good friend lending me his Canon 15mm f2.8 fisheye lens during this trip. Take a different lens for creativity and you’ll be amazed at what a fisheye lens can do for your beach photos.

Use a fisheye lens

3)   Shoot the Sunset

Taking a sunset picture at the beach is like taking a picture of the Empire State Building at New York City. It is a must do thing but if you are planning to do post processing remember to set a lower exposure. This way will allow your photo to have better colors of the clouds. I am planning to do a training video on editing great sunset picture so please let me know if this is a good idea or not.

shoot the sunset

4)   Capture the Sand writing

Sand writing is a great way to create a photo album cover picture. If you like doing videos it will be even better to write words on the beach and let it wash away by the ocean water.

Capture the sand writing

5) Face away from the camera

Another thing I found interesting about beach picture ideas is to ask somebody to face towards the ocean but away from my camera. I also used a fisheye lens for this shot to have the ocean on a nice curve shape. Try it out.

Face away from the camera

6) Use windows to frame the picture

Next time when you go to a restaurant look for windows to frame your beach shots just like the picture below. It works like having a photo frame inside a picture without having to do any post processing work.

Use windows to frame the picture

7) Light writing

This requires you to have a very sturdy tripod and a very dark area to do so. Go to an area of the beach where there is no light, have the camera on a tripod and setting at around 30 second shutter speed. After you release the shutter use a small light torch to write out words about your trip. Remember to turn the light off between letters and write words backwards.

Light writing

8) Shoot the Galaxy

Cameras can capture light in the sky that human eye cannot normally see. Below is a shot that I took with the fisheye lens. I use an app called Skysafari to locate the galaxy. For camera setting, use F2.8, ISO 3200 or above and 25 second shutter speed. The result of the below picture is not too great because ISO3200 apparently is not high enough to capture the galaxy so you may want to try a higher ISO next time.

Shoot the galaxy

9) Multi exposures

One of the coolest beach picture ideas is a multi exposure photo at nighttime. Similar to light writing in point 7 it requires to you have a tripod and a light torch. This time you will also need another person helping you. The way to do this is to set a 30 second exposure and during that time you make a series of actions in front of the camera. Each time you are done with an action ask the other person to flash the light torch at you. In this picture I did a total of 5 actions however I moved when the torch was flashed at me so it wasn’t clear (but you get the point).

Multi exposures

10) Photograph the photographer

As a photographer we should be given compliment on our hard effort at the beach! Sometimes we sacrifice our playing time to take pictures for others (Don’t get me wrong I totally enjoy doing this). So in a way of saying thank you I believe each photographer should have a great picture taken in return. With that said, my friend gave me this picture which I think is a very good shot of myself.

Photograph the photographer

What are your beach picture ideas? Share them below.

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  1. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great tips! I’ll be sure to keep them in mind when I take my next trip to the beach!

  3. Awesome ideas! Love the fisheye images!

    • Yes fisheye is a great lens to play with at the beach. You can get so many different picture styles when most people thought it’s for architectural type of images.

  4. Love the article and such great idea. I always love the fisheye beach photos is see . . . I need to get one!

  5. Those are great tips! I love the galaxy shot!

    • Thanks Elly, in fact I stood at the beach from midnight to 2am to get that shot. It took almost 50 pictures for me to get the one I like to post here. More practice needed!

  6. he he he. awesome ideas and thank you for sharing. loved it

    • Thanks Marika. As always I love sharing what I knew/learn in photography to all of you. More will be coming soon.

  7. Wonderful tips and great example shots!

  8. Thanks for sharing your great ideas! Love the galaxy shot idea as well!

    • Thank you Mandy and welcome to my blog! There are still many improvements to make for the galaxy shot but I’ve been improving over time. Hope this post can spark your ideas when it comes to beach photography. Let me know if you have any photography questions as well!

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