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What is a good camera for photography for someone who just started? - The Photography Express

What is a good camera for photography for someone who just started?

Welcome to another post of The Knowledge Express! Today’s question is from Brianna and she is wondering what is a good camera for photography for someone who just started. Her question is below:

I currently don’t own and DSLR cameras. I am in the process of choosing which one to buy. Photography has always been a huge passion I mine, but I have never had enough money to buy good cameras.  Maybe you could point out a good starter camera for me. I was looking at a few Nikons but I’m still unsure about what to buy.

Thank you for your question Brianna. To answer your question straight to the point, if you are spending more than $200 dollars on any kind of camera that has the ability for you to select manual mode, aperture priority mode and shutter priority mode, this is a good camera to start with. So why should you choose a DSLR? Why spend extra few hundred to get a big name brand? Let me give you two reasons below.

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1) Lenses choice

Buying DSLR from a name brand (Canon, Nikon etc) will allow you use the same lens on a new camera body of the same brand. For example, if you decided to buy a Canon DSLR and you get the kit lens 18-55mm that comes with the camera. Later when you upgraded to another Canon model, or if you have other photography friends that are using Canon, you will be able to switch the lens on the different cameras.

There are limitation such as some lenses are not compatible on full frame camera bodies (eg Canon EF-S vs EF lenses), but I’ll not get into the details here. My main point is that you will save money down the road by buying a DSLR now then a camera that you will discard soon in the path.

2) Picture quality 

Even with all the mirorrless cameras coming out the market right now, DSLR hands down is still producing the best quality. It is going to change later down the road, but for now sticking with a name brand DSLR is going to put you in an advantage position than someone learning from a point and shoot camera.

With that said I should also mention about post processing pictures. DSLR is going to produce the most consistent RAW image for you to edit. No matter you choose Canon Nikon Sony or Pentax, you will be able to upload the RAW image into Lightroom and start improving your photography there. I probably wrote this many times. But one of the biggest reason people think their photography is not good enough is because they haven’t invested the time to do post processing after taken the picture (I mentioned it here as well).

Ok I was too excited and got off track a little bit. Now let’s get back to buying a good camera for beginner photographers. There are many choices but I came down into these two.

Canon T4i – Your first question is probably be why not the T5i? The honest opinion is they are the same so don’t bother with the latest model. Comparing to T5i, the T4i has the exact same sensor and image processor so the image quality is not going to be different. In terms of price this is the second cheapest entry level DSLR you can get and I highly recommend getting the Canon 18-135mm lens if all possible.

If you are wondering what is the cheapest entry level DSLR Canon has, it is the Canon SL1 unless there is a special deal going on with the Canon t5. I do not recommend the Canon SL1 because it’s way too small and you pretty much feel you are holding the lens instead of the camera. Furthermore, with a smaller camera body that means more camera shakes. So you won’t go wrong with Canon T4i with 18-135mm lens to start off your photography journey.

Nikon D5200 – I don’t own any Nikon cameras but from what I researched and experienced the Nikon D5200 won’t disappoint any new photographers. Get the 18-105mm lens and you are set to go. If you ever wonder you should go for Canon and Nikon you can start by reading my post here but honestly it does not matter. It is the person who’s behind the camera that is creating the great photograph.

Brianna I hope I’ve answered your question. If anyone wants to be featured here in The Knowledge Express feel free to email me your question at gary@thephotographyexpress.com. Have a great rest of the day everyone!

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