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TKE04: How do you force yourself to go out and take more photographs? - The Photography Express

TKE04: How do you force yourself to go out and take more photographs?

Question: How do you force yourself to go out and take more photographs?

Hey there photographers! I hope you are having a wonderful day, I’m writing this as I’m waiting for my car’s oil change at a nearby dealership and I hope I don’t need to wait for 2.5 hours like last time! Anyway, today I’m excited to answer one of your questions on how to force yourself to go out and take more photographs. So let me go ahead with my response below!

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Rather than telling you right now how to force yourself to go out more, let me start off with the common reason why we as passionate photographers don’t want to go out and take photographs:

1) I’ve a full time job and I don’t have spare time.

2) I’ve to sacrifice my family time if I’ve to go out to take pictures, especially during weekends.

3) My pictures don’t even look good and it is not even worth it spending time on this then doing other important things.

Do any of the above points resonate your current situation?

The thing is, we all face this issue no matter where we are in our photography journey. We have our daytime job to worry about and family we need to take care of. Fulfilling out passion in photography may be the last thing we have on our to-do list.

To make this even harder, you always hear people say: “If you want to improve in certain skills, you must make some sacrifice along the way”. You know the right step to improve your photography skills and that is getting out taking picture. However, in reality you want to avoid sacrificing as much as possible while making your photography passion works. This sounds harsh right? So what can you do?

I can’t tell your story but let me tell you 10 simple things I did below that help me to go out more and improve my photography skills.

1) Seize all photo opportunities – Baby shower, family picnic, nearby park, WHENEVER you have a chance take photos. You don’t need to set a specific date to take pictures. You can make it happen yourself and seize all opportunities.

2) Show your pictures to your friends – In order to get more motivation to get out and shoot more, show your picture to your friends and don’t let your photo collect digital dust by staying in your computer’s hardrive. Ask for their feedbacks, this is how you improve and force yourself to go out and shoot more because you want to make yourself look better next time.

3) Grab your camera everywhere – Do street photography. You never know what kind of candid shot you will end up taking by the end of day.

4) Create interesting composition – if you can make something ordinary interesting, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and makes you want to go out and shoot more often.

5) Photography class – Very obviously but true. Taking photography classes made me go out to take more pictures. Even though it cost money and your spare time this is definitely worthwhile to go. You can visit my post here to see what I did in my last session.

6) Find a model – Use model mayhem to find local model that works for you. Most of the time you don’t even need to pay but instead trade time for prints (which means you give them your photo and they become your model for free). A lot of times those shots requires you to be on location so this is a wonderful opportunity for you to go out and take pictures.

7) Find a nearby creek or waterfall – As my previous post here, you can achieve wonderful shots with waterfalls and creeks. Find one nearby and take some pictures!

8) Sunset pictures – You get two chances of these everyday, sunrise and sunset. You don’t need to go to top of mountain for a great shot if you are running short on time. Some of the pictures I took was at nearby target store while I was shopping near sunset time.

9) Nearby park – Similar to point 7 and 8, find a nearby part for amazing pictures. Check this out, I took this at a park 5 minutes away from my house.

journey of love

nearby park

10) Go out to vacation – Yes this is obvious but sometimes you need a fresh set of scene to take great photographs. If you have already spent the money for the vacation package, hopefully it will force you to take great photos to make up the cost!

Bonus tip – My bonus tip for today is Meetup.com. If you haven’t been to this website you have got to join a group. This website target the local group of people that have the same passion as you. You can join their photography meetup session or create your own. This is one of the best way to push yourself to go out more often!

In my opinion, if you are only getting one thing out of this post, remember this: “If you can make an ordinary subject extraordinary, you will be addicted to photography anywhere you go”. By that time you don’t even need to force yourself to go to take pictures. It’ll become a natural instinct.

Hope you enjoy this post, if you have any photography questions please feel free to email me. You can find my contact information in my blog’s homepage at www.ThePhotographyExpress.com. For now, have a great rest of the day!

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