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The ultimate guide to create your unique photography experience with smartphone apps - The Photography Express

The ultimate guide to create your unique photography experience with smartphone apps

Unique Photography DirectionsToday I want to share with you something different.

I want to share with you a different perspective towards photography. Something that requires you to step back and think but the result will be so beneficial that your photography lifestyle is going to be changed forever.

As the title mentioned, this post is about creating your unique photography experience with smartphone apps. But how can a few apps impact your experience in life? Let me first explain a fundamental concept that I developed to make this point clear.

“In order to have an unique experience towards a certain goal, one must have a routine habit, a plan ahead of time, an action that can be implemented correctly and a shareable result.”

So what’s the connection between these with smartphone apps and creating unique photography experience?

Take some time to imagine this scenario:

You love photography but don’t have a time to improve your photography skills. You feel setting aside time reading photography materials or going out to taking pictures is a luxury out of your busy life. You know where the problem is and tried many methods but none of them is working out. You feel your photography passion is losing momentum and dying soon.
In order to overcome this, you downloaded few simple apps that give you guidance in this tough situation. You use these apps to keep track of your habit, plan your next photo shoot, edit the photos the right way, and share the result to the world. Of course, those apps alone didn’t solve all the problems themselves. Your self-determination plus the help from the apps did. All the sudden you found yourself being more productive and doing things the way like as a photographer. You are now living an unique photography experience and fulfilling your passion once again.

I can’t say this scenario applies to all of you but it definitely happened to me.

So now we have defined the connection between the importance of apps and the unique photography experience. Now it’s time to introduce you the apps that can help you achieve the goals. Oh by the way, all these apps are FREE! Isn’t that awesome! (Note: I’m primary an iPhone/iPad user so all suggestions are based on Apple’s IOS system. The apps should also be available in other platforms but I cannot guarantee if they stay the same by the time you’re reading this. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience.)

1)   Create a routine habit

Lift app logoLift –  It is an app that helps you track habits by viewing data, earning streaks and getting support from a community of people with similar habits. To create a routine photography habit, simply search for “Practice photography” or “Take a photo” to begin with and you will be immediately joined to the community (you can use other keyword as well). Once you have achieved your goal simply check off the item and let everyone in the community know. People may give you prop (which is like in facebook term) or you will lose the habit streaks if you fail to keep up. I personally use this app to hold myself accountable on reading photography materials and practicing photography. This is definitely the best apps available to create a routine habit of your choice.

flipboard app logoFlipboard – Flipboard works like a newspaper but it only shows content that you want to view and subscribed to. I believe every photographer should read others work and enhance skills on a regular basis. Simply create this routine habit by subscribing to the “Photography” feeds and most importantly Scott Kelby’s page. If you don’t know who Scott Kelby is, he is an award-winning author of more than 50 books related to photography and design. Read his page and spend some time on other photographer’s blog daily. This process shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes. Easy and fun right!

Evernote app logoEvernote – this is a note-taking app that synchronizes what you write to all devices such as iPad, iPhone and MacBook. All you have to do is to have this app in all devices then all content written will be sync to the devices. I use this app everyday to note new ideas and I cannot live a day without it. On top of this great feature, you can also take photos and tag you notes with it. Highly recommend!

2)   A Plan your work ahead of time

Stuck on Earth appStuck on earth – Stuck on earth is an app that help photographer to find the ultimate spot to take a picture no matter where they are. This is a fantastic app to plan out your next photo shoot and to inspire you across various photography style people take near your neighborhood. It shows you a basic map just like the google map but it has photo tags on the location the photo was taken. I have found many great photos near where I live that I couldn’t even imagine before. This app is the best way to plan ahead and makes you walk out the house with a photography purpose in mind.

meetup app logoMeetup – Meetup or the website meetup.com help people with shared interest to plan events together. You can set your location and it will automatically search for group meetings near your area. Use this app or website to find a photography group near you. Go out and network with other photographers and you will be amazed how many people in your area are searching the exact thing!

3)   Implement the action correctly

snapseed app logoSnapseed – Snapseed is THE photo-editing app that I personally feel is THE app for all photographers. This is also the reason I have no other app recommended under this heading. I cannot use words to express how awesome this app does but to give you an overview, on top of basic editing functions like cropping, straighten and auto tune, it has amazing function such as tilt-shift that usually cost money to buy in other apps. All functions in this app are simple to use and to navigate and after trying so many photo-editing apps I personally believe this is the app to go.

4)   Share your result

pinterest app logoPinterest – With 6 million monthly users, this is definitely a sharing platform for photographers. The Pinterest app (or pinterest.com website) is a visual bookmarking pinboard that is great for social media marketing. Unlike photo in Facebook where you show them to your friends, Pinterest let you pin each other’s pictures to your own board and people can visit your board to do the same. This is a great sharing platform as well as an incredible marketing tool. If you haven’t set up an account yet please do so after reading this article.

instagram app logoFacebook app logoFlickr app logo

Instagram, facebook, flickr – Back to the basic here. It’s hard to be everywhere with so many tools available online to share your pictures. I recommend just focus on one and master it before heading to the next. If Facebook is your thing that’s totally perfect! Master it first before going to Pinterest or Instagram.


I hope you gain a lot from this ultimate guide to create your unique photography experience with smartphone apps. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments please email me at gary@thephotographyexpresss.com or leave a message below. Also don’t forget to like my facebook HERE and follow me on Twitter HERE. Cheers!

About Gary

A passionate photographer with goals to fulfill your photography passion and motivate you to take pictures even when life is busy!


  1. Very helpful post. I have an iphone and ipad but not had too much success with my photos. So will check these out. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you, this is great, I just upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S4 and will definitely download a few of these apps!

  3. I really love the idea behind the Stuck on Earth app. Can’t wait to check that out…

    • Yes it’s a great app to use when you run out of photo ideas. I’m sure you can discover some new interesting places to go as well. Enjoy it!

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