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The Step-By-Step Method On Levitation Photography - The Photography Express

The Step-By-Step Method On Levitation Photography

The Step-by-Step Method on levitation photography

Today’s guest post is from Kimberly Patino. Kimberly is a fine art photographer based in Hartsdale NY. Her website is at www.kpatino.com. Featured image photos by Ted Van Pelt and Nydia Hartono.

As a photographer one of the most important things to master is how to make your photos pop! You want to stand out from the millions of other photographers in the world which means your photography needs to be go above and beyond. Some people will go into the middle of the ocean, some will climb on mountains and others will literally jump off a building. But since I am a working full time photographer and I do not have the funds to jump off of airplanes like James Bond, I improvise.

So instead – I defy gravity! Below is my step-by-step method on Levitation Photography:

Levitation Photography 1

Here are some quick and easy steps on how you can defy gravity in your photos (without having to kill yourself).

Levitation Photography 2

Here is another example

Step 1: All About Lighting

In order for photos to look realistic when it come to levitation, it is always best to do this in the same natural lighting. That way the images can look smooth and when it comes to post production, you don’t have to worry so much about harsh lighting. So in the first photo, take a picture of a scenery or background that you like and in the second photo, take a picture of yourself jumping:

Levitation Photography 3

Image 1: Background

Levitation Photography 4

Image 2: Jumping In The Air

Step 2: Bring Them Into Photoshop

Photoshop it key when it comes to levitation. After you’ve taken your images, go into Photoshop. Open the scenery/background image. Then go to File – Place and select your jumping photo like so:

Levitation photography photoshop 1

Levitation photography photoshop 2

Afterwards, go to your tools on the left hand side and select the Lasso tool to cut yourself out like so:

Levitation photography photoshop 3

Once you cut yourself out into a new layer, use the brush tool and take away some of the extra details:

Levitation photography photoshop 4

After you brushed away some of the little outside details that you do not need, you will have yourself centered on the background:

Levitation photography photoshop 5

Step 3: The Secret Ingredient

This is the secret ingredient to levitation images. Using the curves tool, you are able to create shadows – which will make the different between a photo that looks photoshopped and a photo that looks “realistic”.

Go to Layer – New Adjustment Layer – Curves (like below):

Levitation photography photoshop 6

The Curve layer will pop up on the right hand side. Take the White Shade side and bring it down to the center of the chart like so:

Levitaiton photography photoshop 7

Once that is done, click on the the brush tool and brush away the dark shade on the top half of the image only to give the illusion of levitation:

Levitaiton photography photoshop 8

And voilà! You are now defying gravity!!

After you’ve taken care of the basics, here is where you can add anything you want such as props, colors and tone of your image. Thank you guys for reading and hope to see some of your levitation photos here! Was it simple? Did you have fun? Did it bring up some new ideas? Let me know in the comments below!

Here is my end result. Hope you enjoy it!

Levitation photography final

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