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Questions on indoor lowlight photography and post processing tools - The Photography Express

Questions on indoor lowlight photography and post processing tools

I had a long week at Orlando at my work conference but now I’m back and ready for more photography questions! This question (perhaps questions) were from Sivarajan and is listed below.

Good morning. I am sivarajan After my retired life , My hobby is photography. Please help me in Low light indoor photography. And also little confusion over editing tools. whether gimp or lightroom which is easy and sharp to edit ? photoshop are costly affair for me.

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Hi Sivarajan thank you for your email and happy upcoming thanksgiving (even if you are not in the United States). Regarding to indoor lowlight photography, first I highly suggest you to have solid a understanding of ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed. Especially the relationships between those 3 elements. You can follow the steps in the link below:


After you have mastered those skills, I recommend you try going to the aperture priority mode (if you are using a DSLR or a camera that let you set aperture independently), set to the widest aperture you lens allows (could be f4, f5.6, f2.8 etc), press the shutter button half way down then remember the ISO and shutter speed settings. Set the same settings in the manual mode on your camera and take the picture.

Now if you photo is still too dark, try slower the shutter speed, higher the ISO, or widen the aperture (eg from f4 to f2.8). On the other hand, if you photo is too bright, decrease the ISO, increase the shutter speed, or narrow the aperture. Let me know if you need further help from this.

Regarding to the editing tools, I highly recommend using Adobe Lightroom. I understand the price tag is high for this software but it has a lot of amazing features. It is very easy to use and one of the best feature is you can download “preset” that people develop so you can edit the photos in one click. In addition, people update the preset and software often so you can have the most up-to-date photography program out there. If you are serious into photography later on and get photoshop, it has functions to let you transfer the pictures between lightroom and photography. Since Apple’s aperture program has been shut down, Adobe Lightroom basically dominated the market right now.

If you want tutorial on Lightroom I’ve created 5 tutorials that will help you get started.


I hope you have learned a lot from this question. If you have your own question please don’t wait and send it to me at gary@thephotographyexpress.com. Happy thanksgiving!

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