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How to transition from full time job to photographer

The days of working hard on your full time job and expecting your pension to take cruise control for 40 years is long gone. Anyone with this mindset is going to be in trouble because his/her jobs may get outsource, the company/division may get downsize, and if those people don’t have a professional skill set they could be left out ... Read More »

Become a photographer while having a full time job

I get it, photography is your passion. You work a full time job but living every other second as a photographer. Each time you post pictures on Facebook you immediately get great feedbacks. Your friends are even thinking of asking you to photographs their kids, maternity photos, high school senior photos and even engagement shoots. You want to become a ... Read More »

How to take your best Valentines day pictures in studio settings

Even though Valentine’s day had just passed, I really want to show you how to take the best valentines day pictures so that you are ready for the ultimate surprise for your love one next year. Also, consider this a follow up post on the Studio portrait photography walkthrough post that I did a few weeks ago. I’ve received great ... Read More »

How to shoot better children photography indoor and outdoor

I recently wrote a post on the “10 practical newborn photography tips” and received great feedbacks. So I decided to write this post on “how to shoot better children photography indoor and outdoor” for those who are trying to get better results in children photography. In this post, you are about find the most important lessons I learn about children ... Read More »

How to shoot amazing indoor long exposure photography inside a theater

To a lot of beginner photographers, indoor photography feels like it is a tough technique to master. Not only you need to watch out for the ISO, shutter speed and aperture, but if you want to use a lower ISO to avoid noise in your photograph you need to do long exposure photography. Essentially that means using a long shutter ... Read More »

Studio portrait photography walkthrough

Studio portrait photography requires A LOT of work. Not only you need to get the right lighting equipment but as the photographer you need to do extensive research to find the right model that fits your style. However, the # 1 advantage of studio settings is that you are control of all the lights in the environment. Recently I joined a ... Read More »

10 Practical Newborn Photography Tips

One of the biggest challenges in photography is taking pictures of newborn babies. Even though they don’t run around, there are details that for us being the photographer often neglect in order to make the best moments out of these little ones. If you are looking to find the missing pieces to shoot better newborn photography, look no further you ... Read More »

Master flash photography in weddings (The mini guide)

For most photographers, wedding photography is…STRESSFUL! I felt it recently when I had the honor to take pictures at my friends wedding. The thing is: I was not the main photographer and I wasn’t even the assistance! I did this only because of for my good friends. Nevertheless, I felt the pressure inside my body for some reason I cannot explain . ... Read More »

Hands on experience with the Canon 35mm f1.4L

If you ever think about buying a 35mm prime lens (either Nikon, Canon or other major brands) this post is for you. If not, I hope I can at least give you some idea on what you can expect from using a prime lens. A prime lens (aka: fixed focal length lens) is not something you absolutely need in your ... Read More »

What is a good camera for photography for someone who just started?

Welcome to another post of The Knowledge Express! Today’s question is from Brianna and she is wondering what is a good camera for photography for someone who just started. Her question is below: I currently don’t own and DSLR cameras. I am in the process of choosing which one to buy. Photography has always been a huge passion I mine, ... Read More »

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