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New logo, New tagline, New direction! - The Photography Express - The Photography Express

New logo, New tagline, New direction! – The Photography Express

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I am back!

If you haven’t noticed I stopped blogging for a while because of a number of reasons. Firstly, I proposed to my girlfriend (She said YES!!!!) so I have been really busy getting ready for the next chapter of my life. Secondly, I went oversea to Hong Kong and Taiwan for a month and I was having limited Internet access. On top of that, I tried blogging using my ipad but I gave up it was really hard to do (I learned my lesson). Thirdly, and this is to you all, I wanted to spend some time to set a new direction of this blog because I didn’t feel the purpose of my blog was achieved last year. So after a lot of thinking during the downtime I’ve finally set a new direction that I want to share with you all today:

1) A more personal blog

I want this blog to be more personal. The content will cover more about myself in addition to sharing my photography experience. And yes I mean by talking about my life more instead of just plain photography concepts. I want to build relationships with you! (By the way you are awesome!)

2) Frequent blog post

Perhaps this is what I have been struggled with the most. I have a lot of topics in mind but it is just hard to put those ideas down on the blog. My goal from now is to allocate some time each day specifically to work on my blog and build up my brand. This is going to be tough but I set my goal to post at least once bi-weekly. I’m quite certain I’ll post more than that but want to set a reasonable goal for now. With that said, you should expect to see me more often from now on!

3) Shorter length

Who wants to read a thesis length blog? I know I don’t. With the word “express” on my blog’s title I want to make each blog post short and precise. I want you to finish each blog post and be able to digest the knowledge and take the actionable items as quickly as possible. I am still working on this but topics will be broken up by time and by categories so you know the exact time you need to spend on each post.

4) Cover complex technique in simple ways

I want this blog to cover simpler concepts first then head to the more technical details. Whether it’s a complex concepts or not, all contents in the blog will be easy to read and to understand no matter which level you are in photography.

5) Inspiring

For those of you who work full time like myself, I want this blog to be inspiring. I want you to learn photography no matter how busy you are because life is just too short to not spend time on something you love doing.

6) Have fun

Last but not least, I want this blog to be a fun learning experience together! This is a place where I learn you learn and we all learn from each other!

Hurray! The Photography Express is reborn!

About Gary

A passionate photographer with goals to fulfill your photography passion and motivate you to take pictures even when life is busy!

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