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How to make an infographic for Pinterest in less than 5 minutes - The Photography Express

How to make an infographic for Pinterest in less than 5 minutes

Do you use Pinterest? Do you want know how to make an infographic for Pinterest in less than 5 minutes? If so, you are at the perfect spot! In this video tutorial, I’m going to show you a quick and easy way to make a Pinterest infographic without having any Photoshop and design skills! Furthermore, you don’t even need to know photography in order to do this.  So let us dive straight into the video tutorial. Oh one more thing, below the video is the show note for your convenient. Hope you like it! Enjoy!

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Show Note

As a quick introduction, Pinterest is a visual discovery platform that allows you to search for ideas and get inspirations. It is basically like Facebook status update but with pictures only.

Every feed on the Pinterest pin board is clickable. People usually show their best picture to promote their content, advertise their photos or products in this platform.

Infographic – This is basically a picture with wording on it. It describes what you’re about to click into and usually it is the place where people post their title of their blog post, summaries of their findings, interesting quotes etc.

In this video I also showed you how often you’ll see infographics inside Pinterest. Around 70-80% of all images I saw on my wall are infographics related.

Programs needed to create infographics – There are 2 basic things you need, a website where you can find royalty free images and a website where you can do photo editing. I used compfight.com for royalty free images and picmonkey.com for photo editing.


1) You type in the keyword of the image you want to search and hit enter.

2) All picture above the line are images you need to pay in order to use. Everything below are free images.

3) Check the license by clicking “some rights reserved” to make sure you can use the picture.

4) Make sure it has both share and adapt licenses on it.

5) Download the original size of the photo to get the best mega pixels.


1) Upload the picture by clicking edits.

2) Go to basic edit on the left panel and click “resize”. For Pinterest the optimal size is 736 x 1128 (remember this!)

3) Go to overlays, click geometrics and choose rectangle (optional: you can choose whatever you want).

4) Drag the shape you selected around the middle section of the picture.

5) Hit color 1 (border of the shape) to transparent.

6) Hit color 2 (the color inside the shape) to white.

7) Fade the color to around 50%.

8) Go to text edit on the left panel, then choose a font you want and add text on top of the faded shape you just did.

9) Save the picture and it’s ready for Pinterest!

What are your ways of creating Pinterest infographic? Show us by commenting below!

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  1. I love pinterest and this article was very informative! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Thanks for sharing this great tutorial! Very helpful for all of us pinterest fans!

  3. This was fantastic and helpful for another Pinterest fan here! Thanks so much Gary, I always learn something from your posts.

    • Elly thank you for your comment and this is such a great encouragement! This is the main reason why I keep doing this and providing excellent value to you all as much as possible. Thank you once again! 🙂

  4. Hi Gary, I’ve not used compflight.com before for images. Do you need to credit the free ones? Another great video tutorial. The show notes are helpful too. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Heather! You don’t need credit to use the free images they’re totally free. As long as you follow the rules of “creative commons” you can use the imagines by following their licenses.

  5. Very good information Gary! Thanks for sharing. I will try this for my next project.

  6. See, for people like myself who are so technically challenged…I love articles like this!
    Informative and easy to follow.

    Thank you!

    p.esss signed up for your newsletter as well!!

    • Hi Effie thank you so much for your response and signing up for my newsletter! If you have further questions let me know and I can help you get through issues you may encounter. Encouragement like this always give me so much support to make this blog as valuable as possible for everyone 🙂 Thanks!!!

  7. Love the learning from your video! Thank you for sharing!

  8. I’ve never used picmonkey before, maybe I should give it a try.

    • Hi Alina thanks for stopping by! And yes you definitely should give picmonkey a try it’s easy to use and you don’t need to install any program. If you need help let me know! I took a look at your website your pictures look great! Please keep in touch.

  9. Thanks for sharing this tutorial! I always love a good infographic!

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