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How to gain followers on Instagram for busy people (Part 2 of 2) - The Photography Express

How to gain followers on Instagram for busy people (Part 2 of 2)

Photo Credit: Jason A. Howie Added text by ThePhotographyExpress

Photo Credit: Jason A. Howie Added text by ThePhotographyExpress

Welcome back to part 2 on how to gain followers on Instagram for busy people! In part 1 we talked about the exact steps that you can take to gain 300+ followers in your first week of using Instagram (click here if you missed it). But in this post, I want to share with you the next steps that you should take to maintain your engagements with your followers. The reason for this is because if you don’t do anything your followers will eventually un-follow you. And this is exactly what you DON’T want to happen! So let me share with you what I learn so you won’t have to spend the time that I did to figure them out at the beginning.

1) Only upload pictures during popular hours

First of all, I recommend to post a picture at least once a week to let the Instagram recognizes that you are active in the platform. Although it is not official but for myself I lost some followers if I haven’t upload for more than 7 days (so please remember to upload regularly). Another thing to remember is to make sure you choose peak times to upload. If you upload pictures at 3am you will get less likes because less people will get to see you pictures. The best time to post for myself are 8am, 12 noon, and 5pm. If you notice, these are actually rush hours so I bet people must be checking Instagram on their way to work, during lunch or on their way home after work.

2) Re-tag your old pictures

Don’t think your 4-month-old picture is worthless and just sink to the bottom of the Instagram feed. Use new hashtags in your captions area and repost the new tags. This way your picture will show to a new set of audience and you’ll be surprise on how many new people will like and follow you from your old pictures.

3) Like and comment on other people’s picture

This process won’t take you more than 5 minutes to do each day. Make sure you like and comment on other people’s picture as much as possible in 5 minutes. This is by far the best way to gain followers and to get noticed in your niche. As mentioned in part 1, search for people within you niche and get noticed through commenting tactically.  Which means posting meaningful comment and not just saying “great shot” or “wow”. Once people see your reply they’ll likely go to your profile and check out who you are and follow you.

4) Un-follow to gain followers

This sounds counter-intuitive. But I found that if you un-follow some of your followers you will actually gain more afterward. There were numerous occurrences where I un-follow about 20 people and after a few days I gain a total of 30 people back. But of course, un-follow the people who “un-followed” you first and try not to accidentally delete your loyal fans.

5) Use Statigram

If you haven’t heard of Statigram before it is basically the desktop version of Instagram. You can open it at your Internet browse at your home computer and you can do everything on your desktop just like what you did with your phone. If you like to comment faster Statigram is a great way of doing it. You can also find out who un-follow you faster using this program.  This is definitely something you should check regularly when you have a computer in front of you.

6) Showcase your best pictures

There are pictures streaming into Instagram every second. You will get likes no matter what if you follow my steps in part 1 but in order to stand out to the crowd you need to upload your best pictures. Try making a theme out of your account and I’m sure your followers will grow day by day if you follow this advice.

7) Delete fake followers

There are many smart programs out there that create fake accounts for the sole purpose of artificially inflating followers in other accounts. At first it seems hard to spot those fake accounts but after a while you will start noticing a trend and here is how:

1) Usually there is no profile picture or the picture is a random girl model

2) The profile has only a few post but with thousands of followers

3) The profile wording seems computer generated

4) Posts are all advertisements

8) Install Kik

Kik is an instant messaging app for mobile devices that Instagramers widely use. When you check people’s profiles you may noticed they mentioned “Kik me”. That means you can send message to them by entering their Kik username (usually provided, if not you have to contact the user). After you install this app, all you need to do is to enter their username and you can immediately send message to the other user. I personally use it to contact other photographers and it is a great app to use.

I hope you get a lot out of these two part series of how to gain followers on Instagram! Remember gaining followers is important but practicing photography should always be your main goal. The purposes of gaining followers is to give you momentum so that you feel someone is always watching your work so you will keep pushing to deliver the best quality photos.

Got any tips you want to share on how to gain followers on Instagram? Please comment below!

About Gary

A passionate photographer with goals to fulfill your photography passion and motivate you to take pictures even when life is busy!


  1. Another great IG post! Couple of questions for ya…

    1. How do you delete followers?
    2. For No.2 above are you just tagging in a new comment?


    • Thanks Rochelle!

      1) The fastest way to delete is go to Statigram (now called iconosquare.com). Go to statistic, click lost followers and choose full list then start un-following people who un-followed you first. I’d be very careful at choosing who to delete because you don’t want to accidentally delete your raving fans.

      The other way to delete is on the Instagram app go to your profile, click followers, tab the user that you want to delete, then on the top right there’s an arrow button, click that then choose block user, then confirm yes. Instagram called it “block user” I don’t know why but that’s the same as deleting followers.

      2) Yes I delete my own tag comment then insert a new one.

      Hope this helps and thank you for visiting my blog!

  2. I like this but are there other ways to gain a lot fast? i got hacked on my instagram that had 2k followers and i would love to get them back fast! please help!

    • Hi Briana, sorry to hear that your account got hacked. First of all I’ve tried other ways but this is the one that gain followers the fastest. However, lately I am more towards getting quality follower that follows me with a real purpose. One of the disadvantage of using this technique is that your followers sometimes aren’t really your followers. They just happened to be stumble upon your account and followed you for no good reason (of course there are exceptions). Have you tried contacting Instagram first to see if they can resolve your issue? You can email them here: https://help.instagram.com/368191326593075/

      Hope this help and let me know how it goes! All the best.

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