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Recommended Flash Gears - The Photography Express

Recommended Flash Gears

One of the most important skills each photographer has to master (not just learn) is flash photography. I promise, if you learn a few simple flash photography techniques it will DRAMATICALLY improve the quality of your photographs. Personally, I believe each photographer should spend money on flash gears BEFORE buying new lens. But unfortunately, most flash gears aren’t cheap and it turned a lot of people away. So I want to dedicate this page to list out my flash gears recommendations so that you can get the very best price with amazing results. I have extensive use of these gears over the years and I’m confident this is going to help you with your flash photography journey.

Yongnuo YN560III

This is hands down my very favorite flash gear and it works for both Nikon and Canon for 1/8 the price! It is a manual lens so you need to adjust the settings yourself but it is very simple to use. Compared to other named brand there is basically no difference on image quality.

Yongnuo RF-603 [Canon / Nikon]

This is the radio trigger for the YN560III flashes. It has long range and a must have if you want to take your YN560III flash off camera! Note that if you have the YN560III you just need to put one trigger on your camera and not the flash itself (YN560III has a built in remote inside, awesome! ).

5-in-1 reflector

This is perhaps the cheapest flash gear to investment on. You can use it for indoor or outdoor portrait photography.


This is a perfect way to produce soft light in any location. You can put this on a monopod and attach the flash and softbox together. This way you can have a monopod carry around with you all the time. Personally I do not currently own a softbox but this is my next to buy item.

Dome Diffuser

I personally prefer a dome diffuser over this type. The soft light is much more even and the result looks more natural. If you don’t mind spending more, the Gary Fong Collapsible Speed Mount is the best product out there.

Flash Bender

There are some occasions where you don’t want to your flash to lose too much power by using a dome diffuser. Now it is time to pull this flash bender out. Personally I feel this is an optional purchase because most flashes have a white card at the head of the flash that you pull out. However, having a larger flash bender like this will spread light out even more.

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