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Check it out! - Atlanta wedding photographer Gary Lun. Plus a gift at the end of the post! - The Photography Express

Check it out! – Atlanta wedding photographer Gary Lun. Plus a gift at the end of the post!

Hi everybody! If you are following my blog you probably have noticed one thing…YEP there is not much going on recently! And you are totally correct! I haven’t been posting much and I didn’t send out weekly emails as I used to be.

So what’s going on? Did I just fall off the face of the earth? Where did I go and what did I do?

Before I start the whole story behind all these, let me first introduce you to the newly designed Atlanta wedding photographer – Gary Lun Photography’s website. All the sweat and tears went to this website while I was gone. Not just the photography side, but also the networking and offline business side as well. I’ll talk a lot more about that in later posts.

Atlanta wedding photographer Gary Lun Photography logo

Back to the question on where did I go? Well, I was focusing on building the offline business portion of Gary Lun Photography.

For those of you who are new in this blog, around the middle of last year there was a point where I had to juggle my full time day job, the photography express blog (which is the one you are reading now), my Gary Lun Photography website, my weekly email list, portrait photography, wedding photography, my family etc all at the same time.

I was so burnt out that I had to painfully let go with two portion of my business in order to keep myself above water.

So after a few days of serious thought, I basically stopped two things. Blogging and any portrait only related photography business. I had to do this in order to slowly catch up, have a life with my wife Melonie, and focus also on my full time job.

I think the worst part is over. Now onto the good side of things 🙂

I believe now I’ve came to the point where I can start blogging consistently again. I know I own you all so much and I just want to let you know I did not give up on you. Especially those of you who is reading this blog on a regular basis trying to learn photography.

In additional to the above, there was one huge thing that pushed me forward to keep blogging again.

I log into The Photography Express Google analytic recently and thought I had zero visitors since I didn’t blog. When I looked at the chart I was speechless. I had a whopping 2,000+ people visiting this blog just the last month!

2,000+ visitors and I did not do 1 single thing in this blog for the last 12 months!

Wow! I’ve to say I feel so bad after seeing this number. Some of you may think I should be happy but I was not. Deep inside my heart I felt that I had let you down and doing you a “disservice”. I did not help you in photography when you need it the most 🙁

Sorry! I just remember I said the worst part was over! Ok let’s jump back to the happy portion right now.

With that said, I’m going to make this wait worth the while for you!

There will be some major changes (in a good way!) to this blog in the near future. They are as follows:

  1. I’ll focus a lot more on wedding and engagement photography. I have learnt so much the last year I know I can make a difference in your life. If you are new into the wedding and engagement side of photography I want to help you!
  2. In additional to blogging the photography techniques, I’ve decided to add the business side photography in this blog. That includes how to set up your business, how to advertise, network with vendors, the list go on and go. I want to help you succeed!
  3. Furthermore, I’ll share a lot more insight on how I do my business, how I take certain pictures, off camera flash, and basically a transparent overview of how to do things in Gary Lun Photography. I want to help you fast track your success!
  4. I also have an idea on mentoring a few students (1 on 1 coaching sessions on Facetime/Skpye etc). If you are in the Atlanta area we can even meet in person. If I get enough of you say yes I’ll begin this program.

Something that will never change:

I hope I did not scare anyone of you reading this blog right now. Rest assure the overall structure and content will not change. I am only adding more wedding/engagement/business photography content!

  1. I’ll keep providing valuable content to you just like before in general photography, post processing, and technical skills. In addition, now I’ll add more content on wedding/engagement/business topics.
  2. I’ll continue to answer your questions and concerns in photography. (Give me some time to catch up in this process. I am working hard on this everyday after coming home from my full time job).

With that said, actions I’d like you to take:

  1. What photography topics do you want me to discuss about?
  2. Any business photography related topic you want me to give you insight on?
  3. You feedback on The Photography Express blog?


(I’ll pick one random winner to get a free 30 minutes Facetime/Skype session)

About Gary

A passionate photographer with goals to fulfill your photography passion and motivate you to take pictures even when life is busy!

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